Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How Time Flies...

... and before you know it, the year is almost over already! It's kinda like my "tradition" to reflect on the past year, and make some resolutions for the next which i never keep but nvm that, so here it is! :D

Read my 2008 resolutions here.

Overall i would say that my 2008 has been pretty eventful! I quit my job of 4.5 years, got married, relocated to another country and i get to experience life as a "lady of leisure" (albeit a very poor one! lol!!)!! I also finally moved back home to live with my parents after living on my own for a few years, which some of you probably know already. After all the pain, tears and a whole lot of mixed emotions, i'm really glad that it all happened for a reason! All in all i really praise God and marvel at His timing for everything... i couldn't ask for more really!

So let's see how well did i fare in keeping my resolutions for 2008 (those in red means oh uh...):

I would love to believe that i actually achieved something (i realllly did try!!), but the sad thing is that the weighing scales don't lie T_T So i guess it's official, my high metabolic rate has gone AWOL and is probably never coming back... noooooooooooooooo!!

- improve language skills
Tak jadi :P Blame it on the procastinator in me!! I reaaaally wanna learn Thai! Hope to be able to find a great tutor when i go back for good!

- try not to take things for granted
I do think that i made a significant improvement... i hope the people around me do notice it! :D Still, i'm doing my very best to improve myself further!!

- spend less money on makeup
Oh gosh, i actually almost TRIPLED the amount i spent on makeup compared to 2007... somebody smack me already please!!!

- buy less on impulse!!

This is definitely NOT practised for most of the year!! (Again, somebody smack some sense into me already!!!). But to be fair, i'll have to say that towards the end of the year, i'm being really selective of what i buy liao!! Really one!!

- revive my beauty blog
Yesh, yesh! :D

- be a better person
I'm still trying my very best!! Methinks that i 'm definitely still work in progress!!

Oh dear, only 2 resolutions kept / achieved this year out of 7!!! Next year definitely have to jia you already! Anyhooo, that's not stopping me from making MORE resolutions for next year! lol!! Methinks that having a list of things to achieve certainly makes one work harder and keeps that person on his / her toes!

So, here's my list of resolutions for 2009 (fingers crossed that i'll be able to achieve them all!! lol!!):

1. To finish using all these lotions so that i can buy more:

2. To be more selective of what i buy (especially when it comes to MAC... i have this nasty habit of buying things just because it's LE!!)!

3. To excercise more often and tone up!! I'm getting really flabby!! Yikes!!

4. If everything goes as planned, to find a job once we get back! :)

5. To develop my own dressing style! I need a new wardrobe (notes to self: you are no longer 18...)!

6. To spend significantly less on makeup than this year!! I hope not to exceed that X amount that i've set for myself!

7. To learn how to apply eyeshadow properly!! I just can't apply eyeshadow nicely past my creaseline to save my life!!

8. To stop ABUSING my EYEBROWS! They look like crap now... somebody confiscate my tweezers already!!

9. To care less about what people think. I can't please everybody!

That's all!! Hope i'll be able to achieve them all!! :D That being said,

HAPPY 2009 PEOPLE!! I wish all of you and your families a wonderful, joyful and meaningful year ahead!! May all your dreams and resolutions come true!! Let's jia you together k!! :D


  1. It's scary how alike our situations are. I quit my job of 4 years, got married, relocated to another country and am also a lady of leisure too! Well, something like that. :p

    Happy new year!

  2. Yeah!! We do have so much in common, it's scary ya!! Anyways i wish both of us a very wonderful year ahead!! hehehe!!

  3. i am a bit like you but not quite. i moved here because my husband is Malaysian. but i now have a 5 year old to keep me very busy so...

    ps: my malay is so elementary and cantonese is almost zero. not sure how i survive so well in KL. my biggest achievement ever i came to malaysia is i finally sat for the driving test (WITHOUT BRIBE!) and got it on the first try! I have been driving myself (and my son) everywhere since jan, 08. Yay!

    pps: that is a long list of resolution. I - have - none! LOL

  4. do u knw dat reading ur blog makes me happy..hahaha...i so love u!~

  5. Jojoba: I really admire you!! It's not easy ya, living in a foreign place and having to learn new languages!! So good that you can drive now!! I've had my driver's license for ages but i can't really drive =X

    hehehe... resolutions keep me on my toes, although i don't necessary always achieve them!! :P:P

  6. awww... Kay!! You're too sweet!! I love you tooooo!! heheh!!

  7. hey! You want to learn Thai? Are you Thai? or just want to learn Thai? I am Thai na! i can help hehe! x


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