Thursday, December 11, 2008


I'm stuck in a blog rut... like SERIOUSLY!! Nothing is working out for me!! I did a FOTD this morning, but i spent 1 friggin hour blending and blending and BLENDING those damn eyeshadows together but they just won't work!! *pulls hair out* I also have a couple of posts at the back on my head, but when i sit down in front of my computer, NOTHING comes out! All is just... BLANK! *sobs*

Does this ever happen to you? :(


  1. Yes it does, it is difficult huh? I guess it's just to pressure to be able to blog something interesting :) Do not worry though, just rest, and your readers will definitely understand :) we're all going to be's just stress or maybe you're tired :)

  2. it happens to me so frequently that... sometimes i just go MIA :P

    don't worry my dear, just rest and let it go slowly...

    i won't be ditching your blog anytime soon! i am waiting! :P

  3. Very frequently! Just go do something else for the time being! I've had my horrible FOTD days too and surprisingly, those good FOTDs come unintentionally.

  4. ... well, I think you are not alone with these kinds of problems! ;)

    Just stay calm! I'm sure, you'll make it!


  5. Awwww... thanks girls!! You are so understanding and kind!! Big smoochies for all of you!!

    I hope i'll be able to unblock the blogger's block soon!! lol!! :D

  6. Of course! Blogger's block. LOL.

    Well, you know what to do to de-frazzle! =P


  7. lol i sure do!! thanks to your helpful post!! hehehe!! Faster post part 2 already!! :D

  8. Oh yeah, I get that very very often. When the creative juices come, they flow. But when it's stuck, it's stuck bad.

    That's why I find that when I do have the inspiration to blog, I'm on my computer for hours, churning out post upon post, but scheduling them so that at least there's a post each day, and not as though I just vomited them all at once :p

    Chin up girl. It has happened to all of us. You'll be fine :D

  9. aww~cheerie up,darls..


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