Monday, November 17, 2008

Reader Question: What is the difference between MAC Lipglass, Lustreglass and Dazzleglass

Alyssa asked the question above!

To answer your question, yes, they're all lipglosses! :) Here's a little chart i made to list down the difference between them:

The main difference i would say, is the stickiness and shine. The lustreglass is the most comfortable to wear, as it goes on very lightly! The lipglass is slightly stickier, and the most sticky of the lot would be the Dazzleglass!

In terms of shine, the shine from the lipglasses come from the gloss itself, whereas for the Lustreglass, there's a pearlized sheen to it making it look more "3D" if you get what i mean. Needless to say, the Dazzleglass has tons of glitters in it, giving the very glittery look for your lips (definitely not office-safe if your office environment is the conservative type!)! :)

Hope that helps ya!! :)


  1. ya to bits girl =)thx for clearing my doubts. Definitely would go grab myself some lustreglass as i've only a few lipglasses and i prefer non stickiness formula but with shine of cos =)

    btw just u only use lippies and glosses from MAC??

  2. Actually the lipglass is not really that sticky lah! it's bearable for me! although the lustreglass is not sticky, it doesn't last as long as the lipglass for me! hehe!! :D

    most of my lippies and glosses are from MAC lah, since they confirm work and last for me. I also have stuff from drugstores and other brands lah, but a few only! :)

  3. wahhh... you can write MAC textbook d. :p I like lipglass formula compared to lustreglass but I like lustreglass' brush.

  4. Ahahaha... no lah!! I just happen to have all 3 lipglosses mah!! :D

    Yeah same here, i prefer lipglass too!!

  5. wow, great chart! your blog is still so helpful after all these years : ) thank you.


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