Monday, November 17, 2008

Product Review: Sana Excel 39mm Spring Power Curler

At a Glance:
Price: About RM40, varies from seller to seller (Approx. US$11)

Actual Product Pic:

Packaging & Feel:

This lash curler comes in a plastic box! I'm lucky to be able to purchase the GOLD LE one a year ago! Seems like this color is quite easily available now! :P

It comes with an extra rubber pad too! :)

This lash curler feels quite solid overall. When you crimp your lashes, you can feel the "springiness" of the grip!! (not sure if i'm making sense here, but i hope you get what am i saying! lol!!). The rubber pad is appears to be a silicon one instead of a foamy rubber one, which is great because the latter can literally rip your lashes out! (Speaking from experience here... YEOUCH!!) :S

The fit is perfect for my eyes! :)

SIDE NOTE: what is it with men and their fear of eyelash curlers? The husband says that it looks like a device for popping your eyeballs out! LOL!! XD

Time Test:
Without mascara, my curled lashes remained so for the entire day, which is really amazing!! Somehow, with mascara, the curls don't last as long!

Price & Availability:
This product is priced at about RM40, and is available through certain ebay / forum sellers. I got mine from Fiobeauty through her ebay listings! :)

I curl my lashes with this prior to mascara! :)

My $0.02:
I was contemplating between buying the much raved about Shu Uemura curler, or the equally famous Shiseido curler when i read about this curler in a beauty forum. Imagine my glee when i manage to source for a LE gold one (seems like it's not so LE now ya since alot of sellers are selling it already! :D)! All in all i'm really pleased with this curler! I was using a TBS one prior to this and that is ONE horrible curler from hell! :S I have long but poker straight lashes, and this curls my lashes nicely! The best part is, they remained curled for the whole day, which is really amazing! Alright, talk is cheap, i'll let the pictures do the convincing!

A whole world of difference right!! How not to love this curler you tell me?! :D

In a Nutshell:

My HG culer!! :D

Likes: Curls lashes beautifully!!
Gripes: A little hard to find - only available online locally :(
Repurchase: Yes!! I'm looking for the Pink LE one! :D

5 Stars ! HG Stuff!!!

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  1. darling! this is my HG too! i bought another just for backup! :P

    i'd die if this ever DC :P

    loving this la!

    eh, you got msn? can add you ka? :P

  2. Ahahaha.. yeah!! This is such a great product! The price is right too! :)

    Sure... i've emailed you my MSN add! ;)

  3. oh man! i wanted to try this curler and i want it in cute <3 . I'm using shiseido's but unfortunately it doesn't work well for me =( I kept crimpled my lids instead of the lashes. Do u think it's because of the curler or i'm just not using it the right way :S

  4. alyssa, yeah the pink one is really nice!! :D

    Hmmm... maybe the curler doesn't suit your eye shape, or maybe you can try adjusting the angle you crimp your lashes? not too sure bout that too!

  5. Great comparison pics! I've tried my friend's SANA curler before and yeah, it's really good! If they sold it locally I'd probably buy. Online sell spensive la. I'm so cheapo. Lol. Even RMK's cheaper. I'm doing good with RMK so far la. I just woke up from a good few hours of sleep and I don't even look drowsy cuz my lashes are still UP!

  6. True true!! Most Jap stuff sold online are horribly overpriced! Hopefully Sasa brings this range in lah!! :D

    Yeah... nicely curled lashes make one look more awake!! :D

  7. you've such nice and long lashes!! :)

  8. awww... thanks girl!! They're nothing without my Sana curler though!! hehe!! :D

  9. I am still debating if I should get this one, shiseido curler, or the Koji curler. Your review is great and thorough. Thank you for sharing.

  10. You're most welcome Beauty Basics! :D

    Do lemme know which one you finally settled for! :D


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