Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Product Review: The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain

At a Glance:
Price: RM39.90 / US$14
Website: Thebodyshop-usa.com
Weight: 8ml / 0.2 US FL. OZ.
Made in: Italy
Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Panthenol, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Methylparaben, Aminomethyl Propanol, Red 33.

Product Description:

Best if you want to: Give cheeks a healthy glow and lips a wash of color with a dual-purpose stain that complements all complexions.

Best for: all skin tones

What it is designed to do:
* Gel-based formulation is fast drying and easy to blend.
* Glycerin and pathenol moisturize lips and improve hydration.
* Angled applicator brush and well on the stem pack is designed for easy application, while minimizing product spillage.

Actual Product Pic:

Ps: I will review this as a cheek stain, as i have never used them on my lips (don't intent to either!).

Pigmentation & Color (Plus Swatches! :D):
This cheek stain looks like a really dark cherry red in the tube, but it gives a very natural light flush when it's blended unto your cheeks! This goes on rather sheer though, so i need to apply it twice before i can see some color on my cheeks! The swatch below is achieved with 3 applications!

Swatches when wet:

When blended into skin:

Left cheek with this cheek stain, right cheek is bare.


This cheek stain comes in a tube like a lipgloss, which i love because it's soo portable!

There's a sponge tip applicator wand attached to the cap, which works perfectly to apply the product on your cheek!

This cheek stain looks rather gel-ish, but is quite fluid!

Time Test:
This lasts about 4 hours on my cheek before it starts to fade, which is a little shorter than what i'd like.

Price & Availability:
This product is priced at RM39.90 / US$14, which i think is rather reasonable! It's available at all TBS outlets and on Thebodyshop-usa.com!

This is my travel blush!! I just love how portable it is!! :D

Here's a step by step guide on how to apply this (I use the Benetint method to apply this as well!):

Draw 3 vertical stripes on each cheek.

Blend it in gently and as quickly as possible with your ring finger. I usually blend it upwards (towards the top of my ear). Repeat if not pigmented enough.

The end result:

A natural flush!! (yeah, only the left cheek has it!)

Possible Dupes:
Alot of people claim that this is a great dupe for the famous and very-much-more-expensive Benetint! I happen to own both of this, so i dug them out for a comparison:

In their respective packagings, the TBS one appears to be more cherry colored, while Benetint is more towards dark bloody red.

When swatched, the TBS appears to be more berryish, while Benetint is a true red!

However, on the cheek, the two looks almost the same!!

Benetint on the left and the TBS one on the right!

My camera cannot capture the colors well enough, but the TBS one is slightly lighter than Benetint when applied. It is also not as pigmented as Benetint, so i need to apply it several times for it to show up! Lastly, the lasting power of Benefit far surpasses the one of the TBS one (which starts to fade after 4 hours!)! :)

I, however, would travel with the TBS one though, cuz it's ultra portable and the packaging is sturdy enough to rough the ride out! I know benefit came out with the portable version (the Pocketpal), but $20 is too much to pay for that miniscule amount they offer! :D

Soooo, if you ask me whether this qualifies as a great dupe for Benetint, i would say YES and NO. Yes because they look almost the same color wise once applied on the cheek, no because the pigmentation and lasting power of the Benetint far surpasses this one! Benetint is a hundred bucks more expensive than this though, so if you're on a budget or simply do not want to spend so much on one cosmetic item, this is a great alternative! :)

You can read my Benetint review here :)

In a Nutshell:

A natural cheek tint that travels really well!!

Likes: Really natural on the cheeks, ultra portable packaging
Gripes: Only lasts about 4 hours on me :(
Repurchase: Yes!

4 Stars ! Me Likey! Would have been HG stuff if the lasting power is better! :D

Credits: Product photo from Thebodyshop-usa.com


  1. i also reviewed this a while back :P

    hehe~ i like this and definitely much cheaper than benetint! even though it requires me some touch up :P

  2. I've never tried this, but I have heard it's very similar to the Benetint. Definitely much better in price, that I'd say ;)

  3. Just read your review Plue! :D It shows up more on your fair skin!!

    Dunno if it's just me but i much prefer the old packaging!! methinks that the new "chrome-ish" ones look really cheap... and the fingerprints on them make the OCD demons in me go crazy! lol!!

  4. Tine, yeah... the price is just right!! If only Benefit would lower their prices!! :D

  5. I loved Benetint (but not for the lips cuz the color kinda separates on the lips) so much that I HAD to find a dupe and I bought TBS which was 100 bucks cheaper. Lol. I used mine til it was almost finished. You're right about the staying power. I can swim with benetint and it's still on! TBS just doesn't "stain" enough. I love it on the lips though. I'm currently using Origins Pinch Your cheeks (which I should probably review again!). It's not as user friendly but the color stays. i can't stand Benetint's packaging though! I've spilled a bottle and broken another in two months :D Warning: Don't let me near your Benetint

  6. yeah, i heard bout the horrible packaging! >_< TBS never gave me that problem. Hoho!

    Sigh, if only Benetint is cheaper and comes with a better packaging!

  7. lol Connie... i'm definitely keeping my Benetint away from you!! *hides benetint under bed* lol!! Who am i kidding man, i'm a big klutz myself!! it's amazing that the cap is still in one piece!! :S

    Ohhhhh Origins!! I've yet to buy my first item from this line!! Do post a review when you can ya!! :D

  8. Yeah Plue!! if only Benetint is cheaper or the TBS lasts longer!! I wish benefit would come up with a sleeker Benetint packaging! :)

  9. i thought benetint got a slimmer packaging? the one with a gloss.

  10. yah got... but like i've mentioned in my post it's US$20 for like 3.2ml of benetint and 2.8g of gloss.. what a rip off man!

  11. I will :D I do like Origins products. Although they're more known for their skin care and body care products.

  12. thanks in advance girl!! :D Have you tried their modern friction scrub before?? i really want to try it, but i've read about the stinging part many people experienced while using this... so i'm sure if i should buy it!!

  13. Yeah, I used the modern friction scrub occasionally. It's very citrusy and kinda harsh at first until the granules dissolve... It's alright. I LOVE Never A Dull Moment scrub. that one is amazing! I love that scrub. and such a huge tub! It'll last you forever.

  14. icic!!! thanks for the recommendation!! i'll check them out when my current one runs out! :D

  15. its similar to avon's liquid blush's color n but avon's one is obviously on the budget side of d deal..but still worth it..been using d avong ones since im too lazy 2 experimnt on other brands..

    mayb u cn try dat too.its called avon's color trend multi purpose lip n face tint..review's sake? uhuhu~

  16. icic... thanks for the recommendation!! i'll try to get it when i'm back in m'sia!! i think there's an Avon boutique near my house!

  17. thankyou! this is very helpful! :)


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