Monday, November 24, 2008

MAC Monogram Collection now online!

Your personal statement of the Holiday season. A collection of such creamy, high-prestige shades and luxurious fragrance, they make their own distinguished look and marque. In the fashionable world, this is the only signature you need...

I didn't pay much attention to this collection when the prelim color story was released in Specktra because i thought the packaging looked boring (I still think that last year's couture collection beats this year's, hands down!!)... but after seeing the pictures on the MAC website, i am COMPELLED to buy the Marque lippie and maybe a couple of glosses!! I'm still thinking if i should get the 129SE brush... i'm a little paranoid about buying non full sized MAC brushes now after the horrible bleeding i've experienced with my 187SE!

Will you be getting anything from this collection?

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  1. I found your review through a product review on MUA and I love it! Your reviews (pics of packaging, swatches, comparisons) are so helpful and the best I've seen. I'm adding your blog to my google reader! :)

    - Rachel.

  2. MAC always lure us with their packaging!! -_-

  3. I'd say no to a 129SE. My bf's sis has it and it's scratchy. eck! I've heard of many natural hair SE face brushes being that way too.

  4. Hi Rachel, thanks for dropping by and leaving such nice words!! I'm glad that you find my reviews helpful!! :D

  5. Sue: tell me about it!! Thankfully the LE packaging comes only a few times a year!!

  6. Connie: icic... actually i find the 129SE from Fafi ultra scratchy as well! But i heard the couture collection ones are always ultra soft! I think i better give it a miss just in case it isn't as good as they say it is!! I'll cry man after paying so much for it! lol!!


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