Friday, November 21, 2008

MAC & Hello Kitty Collection!

OMG... we FINALLY have a glimpse of what has been brewing in speculation for MONTHS!! *gasps for air*

The Hello Kitty offerings fall into two collections: the Hello Kitty Colour Collection and the more high-end Hello Kitty Kouture. The bulk of the items are in the former category: six shades of lipstick with names like Fashion Mews and Strayin’, each $14; six Lipglass shades, each $14; and two tinted lip conditioners, $14.50 each; two eye shadow palettes, which each contain four shades and retail for $38; two shades of pigment are $19.50 each, and two Reflects Glitter stockkeeping units — one blue, one pink — are $17.50 each. Four Glitter Eye Liners, each $16.50, two shades of Beauty Powder, each $22; three shades of nail polish, each $11; a black mascara, $12, and false lashes, $12, round out the color offerings. Shades range from pinks and turquoises to lavenders and greens.

Hello Kitty Kouture is intended to be the high end of the collection. Two shades of Dazzleglass, each $28, each feature a reusable silver chain pendant with Hello Kitty outlined in white Swarovski crystals on black with a pink crystal bow. Sheer Mystery Powder, $90 and available in three shades, is packaged in a silver powder compact with Hello Kitty outlined in white Swarovski crystals with a pink crystal bow on a black background.

The Hello Kitty Colour items, a Petite Makeup Bag, $22, and a medium Makeup Bag, $35, will be in all doors, currently about 581 department and specialty stores in North America including Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s, as well as MAC’s 138 freestanding stores in North America and at Internationally, the items will be in 1,307 doors in 69 countries, including 296 MAC freestanding stores outside North America. Hello Kitty Kouture will be available at MAC stores and only. At the maximum, the collection will be available for eight weeks.

A plush doll, $42; purse mirror, $22, and three-brush collection, $49.50, will be available at MAC stores, Nordstrom doors and only. A mirrored key clip, $16; beaded bracelet, $34, will be sold in MAC retail stores and at only, and a tote, $45 and soft vanity kit, $55, will be exclusive to


Let me be very frank to say that i'm NOT a Hello Kitty fan. In fact, one too many Kitties makes me wanna gag and barf my lungs out. But OMG... Compacts with Swarovski Crystals and Dazzleglasses with charms... i think i'm going to faint!!

It's Maggi Mee all the way for me until March next year. Still, will have check the items out in person first before deciding whether its worth forking out US$28 for a Dazzleglass or worse still, US$90 for compact!! *faints*

How about you... will you be getting anything from this collection? :D


  1. OMG! Thx for the news jenn!I'm not really a kitty fan but i had to say i'm loving the looks of this collection soooo much! I kinda missed out the whole barbie collection last year as i wasn't really into mac on those days and i envied those who got their hands on them as i'm TRULY a barbie girl rather a kitty lol

    And yea..agreed! Maggi mee all the way till the collections are out XD

  2. Same here!! I'm more of a Barbie girl than a Kitty fan! Still, i'm waiting with bated breath for this collection!! It's gonna be HUGE!!

    I hope the colors for the Kitty collection won't be too pinky pastel-ly though... those colors pale me out! >.<

  3. Whoa, this one may well fly off the website. Hohoho.
    I am giving it a miss though. Other than the packaging...doesn't look if the products are actually forking out an arm and a leg for.

    Your sentiments matches mine!

  4. Yesh, this is sooo going to sell!

    Honestly i'm a little disappointed by the packaging!! I would expect a white compact for HK!! Black just makes it look so grown up! >.<

    Gotta love the crystals though!!


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