Wednesday, November 5, 2008

MAC Dazzlelash and Little Darlings now online!!

Eyes-wide-shut intrigue. Curves go voluptuous as lashes get set to dazzle. Our new lash formula offers extreme density and entrancing new lengths. The extra innovation: a unique innerspring brush that singles out each and every lash like never before.

MAC Little Darlings

Small never looked so sexy! A gifted collection of promotional-sized glamour goodies for experimenting anew with eyes, cheeks, lips...all gathered together for you and your favourite people. They look sweet as sugar, but Little Darlings know what they're doing.

I want ALL 3 lippie sets!! So co-incidently i don't own any lippies from these collection, so this is a great start for me! :) As for the Dazzlelash, i'm sooo disappointed to learn that it's just a plain mascara!! I thought it'll be a really pretty mascara with tons of shimmers in it ala the Dazzleglasses!! I won't be buying this! :(

Are you girls getting anything from these two collections? :D

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  1. Hey jenn,

    I might indulge in one of the 3 lippie sets. Still thinking about it.

    I wanted very much to get Stark Naked beauty powder from Red She Said but guess what, i just called mac and they're not bringing that into M'sia AGAIN. Forever they're not bringing the gist of every collection into M'sia such as alpha girl from heatherette as well as petticoat. What is wrong with them!

  2. Awwww... that really sucks!! I remembered Alpha Girl!! I wanted it so badly but it's not available :( yeah i heard about Petticoat being NA in south asia!! that really stinks!! hopefully they'll change their minds lah!!

    For myself, i reaaaaally HATE the long wait for each collection to launch here. Guess which collection they're at now? COOL HEAT!! That's right... Cool freakin Heat!! That was launched like, eons ago lah!! >.< Looks like i have to wait very long for the Holiday collection to arrive!

  3. Cool heat?? LOL
    But at least u got your hands on manish aurora collection, M'sia doesn't carry that collection at all, tho i'm not eyeing on anything but still.. i'm speechless lar..

    The holiday collection is launching next week here. Hope you don't have to wait too long for that.

  4. I'm quite surprised that the Manish Aurora collection was launched so fast here also!! Maybe it's designed by an Indian designer, that why! haha!!

    Yeah, i hope i don't have to wait until my neck grow longer man! the MAC MA told me that they'll tentatively have the collection available one week before Christmas! T_T


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