Monday, November 24, 2008

MAC Dame Edna Collection

“Hello possums!” Dame Edna Everage is in the house! With her zesty zingers, over-the-top appearance - lilac hair (which she claims is natural), bedazzled specs, fanciful frocks - there’s nothing like a Dame! The alter ego of brilliantly wicked Aussie comedian, Barrie Humphries, and the resident muse for our post-holiday make up collection, Dame Edna thinks of herself as “probably the most popular and gifted woman in the world today: housewife, investigative journalist, social anthropologist, talk-show host, swami, children’s book illustrator, spin doctor, megastar and icon.” With packaging as mirthful and minx-like as the Legend herself, the Dame Collection of heavy-on-the-lilac Lipstick/Lipglass, Eye Shadow, Highlight Powder and Nail Lacquers is in a class by itself!

Lipstick (LE) - $14.00USD
  • Kanga-rouge – Creamy dark blue red (amplified creme)
  • Gladiola – Matte mid-tone blue pink (matte)
  • Coral polyp – Creamy mid-tone coral (amplified creme)

Lipglass (LE) $14.00USD
  • Hot Frost – Sheer mid-tone blue pink with multi-dimensional pearlized pigments (frost)
  • Splendid – Frosty pale pinky coral (frost) (Repromote from Anitiquitease: Finery Lip Bags - Holiday '07)
  • Possum Nose Pink – Sheer bright coral with multi-dimensional pearlized pigments (frost)

Eye Shadow Trio (LE) - $32.50USD

Royal Tour Eye Trio
  • Royal Tour – Mid-tone cool lilac (satin)
  • Dame’s Desire – Frosty mid-tone reddish purple (frost)
  • Climate Blue – Dark blue violet with pink pearlized pigments (velvet) (Repromote from Cool Heat)

Wisteria Eye Trio
  • Fineshine - Frosty true-silver (lustre) (Repromote from Lustrevision)
  • Wisteria – Frosty robin’s egg blue (velvet)
  • Divine Night – Frosty charcoal with silver pearlized pigments (velvet)

Highlight Powder (LE) - $26.00USD
  • What a Dame! – Pale orangey pink
  • Spectacle – Pale soft pink

Nail Lacquer (LE) $11.00USD
  • Asiatique – Creamy classic red (creme) (Repromote from Ornamentalism)
  • Varicose Violet – Frost mid-tone pinkish purple (frost)

I don't know about you, but i find this collection highly disturbing :S Everything from the icon to the packaging is just plain wrong! The only thing i'll be checking out from this collection are the highlighting powders, since i've never seen them before. Otherwise, this collection is a definite miss for me! I was interested in the Wisteria Eye Trio palette initially, but MAC HAD to ruin it by putting in one lustre and two damn velvets in there - these two formulas are my worst blending nightmare! So thanks, but no thanks!

This collection will be out on boxing day! Would you be getting anything from this collection then?

Credits: Photos from, Color Story from


  1. As much as the kamasutra? hahaha! XD

    Gotta agree with you though, IT is scary! :S

  2. This I want. Not the Hello Kitty. I want the Dame! :D

  3. LOL! What are you getting from this collection? :D

    I'll have to say though, Possum Nose Pink sounds uber cute!!!


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