Monday, November 10, 2008

MAC Baby Sparks Dazzleglass Dupes

I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you for your kind words and concern!! I'm definitely feeling better already, though the tummy is still weak! Should be fine and dandy again in a day or two!! Thanks babes!! :)

Anonymous asked if there're any lipglasses or lustreglasses that compares to this dazzleglass in color.

I dug out all my lipglosses for a comparison, and found that the Sugar Trance (from Fafi) and the Cherry Blossom (from Cult of Cherry) lipglasses are the closest colors I have to the Baby Sparks dazzleglass:

As you can see from the pics, all 3 swatches look quite similar. But if you scrutinize, you'll find that the other two lipglasses are slightly more peachy in color. Also, they do not have violet shimmers like the Baby Sparks dazzleglass do. And of course, they do not have the wonderful shimmery glitters common to the glosses in the Dazzleglass line.

Temptalia names the Flusterose and Wonderstruck lustreglasses and the Bountiful plushglass as the closest colors to this dazzleglass. IMHO, you may want to check out the Underage lipglass too, since it's also described as a soft pale pink color on the MAC website too!

Hope that helps! :)


  1. Ooh! I have Wonderstruck! :D But I have no other similar glosses to compare it to -_-

  2. No need to compare girl.. go GET it!! it's shooooo beautiful!! haha!! :D

    Word goes that they'll bring back the entire dazzleglass line next year! I'm really hoping they bring back Comet Blue!! Yes it's a blue gloss and don't ask me how nor when am i ever gonna use it! hahaha!! XD

  3. Lol. I have a green gloss :p blue gloss is actually good to tone down overly orangey lippies and also to give a more "Watery" gloss and make the teeth appear whiter! :D

  4. ahhh icic!! i didn't know that!! thanks for the enlightening!! hehe!!

    the green gloss is... Spring Bean lustreglass? hehehe!

  5. Thanks so much! Glad that you are feeling better, too. I may try the Cherry Blossom if I can't find the Baby Sparks. YOU ROCK!!!

  6. You're most welcome anonymous! Glad i was able to help! :)

    Thank you for your concern! :D

  7. yeah. Spring Bean. Lol. From the Dress Set :p

  8. ahaha icic!! That's one of the to-buy-soon in my shopping list!! :D


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