Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jenn Asks: What is at the top of your wishlist?

With Christmas just around the corner, do you expect to find it in your stocking or under your tree? Do share! :D


  1. This one is tough, actually, since I don't really have a wish list holding up for too long. I just have a very low resistane for any temptation. For this year, since I'm getting married soon, maybe "that will power" to help me resist all the food I love so that I can lose weight. That's it. :)

  2. well i'm kinda looking forward for my coming Taiwan trip in Dec so yeah..there's a long list of what i wish to get from there, mostly skin care and make up *winks*

    I wanna get a few of Jill Stuart stuff, the loose powder, pressed powder, blusher and cleasing oil =)

    I wanna get my hands on some Nars stuff too, particularly, Jolie Poupee eye shadow and dolce vita blush!

    Gonna check out some Jap drugstore brand such as lavshuca, gransenbon etc and a whole lotsa skincare.

    OMG i'm ady sooo excited by just thinking about it XD

    Btw anything u know that is a must get from there? Hehe

    p/s: sorry for the long winded comment lol

  3. Hi Vichaya, CONGRATS!!! Wishing you a lifetime of marital bliss ya!!

    awww... i'm sure you'll be a beautiful bride!! :D

  4. Dear alyssa,

    I'm so jealous!!! Jill Stuart!! OMG... that's enough for me already!! I'm sure you'll have a blast there!! Enjoy your trip ya!! :D

    TW ah... i heard their false lashes are very good and cheap there leh!! Maybe you can check them out! :D

  5. i have loads (god,where 2 start..~)

    but in conclusion,i wanna lose 8kgs so dat my BMI goes down to 20 n ill b able 2 swap clothes w my housemates (im d only one who cant..too big..haih~ is US size 8 too fat?)..n i hope santa can grant me endless wishes!!!!

    but all i really wan is to be beautiful,happy,successful n rich (winks!~) hahaha...(im sorry u had 2 read tis J)

  6. Hello?? Size 8 is nowhere near fat lah my friend! :D Speaking of losing weight, i need to lose like 5kgs before CNY before putting it all back on!! >.<

    LOL! don't have to be shy about it ya?? I'm sure all of us want the best for ourselves!! hehehe!! :D

  7. A Chloe Paddington bag. Which is, of course, a dream, 'cos it's so expensive. A dream I've had since I first laid eyes on it in 2003 :p

  8. Awww... but it's sooo pretty! Maybe you can *hint* and convince the husband to get you one for this Christmas!! haha! :D

    I want a Chanel 2.55 like sooo bad... which is of course, sadly, still a dream... le sighhh!


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