Friday, November 28, 2008

Jenn Asks: What do you do when you have a bad hair day?

Do you wear a cap, bring out your hair crimper, or are you one of those lucky girls who wake up every morning with immaculate hair? Do share with us!! :D

ps: i did a slight change to the layout... it's a 3 column now! Hope you find it easier to navigate that way! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :D


  1. Definitely not one of the lucky ones who have amazing hair when she wakes up. On my semi-bad hair days, I'll tie it up half. On my bad hair days, I tie it up in a ponytail. On really bad hair days, I'll stay in :P

  2. ahahaha icic!! I'm also not one of those girls who wake up with great looking hair ler... especially when i go to bed with my hair still slightly damp! =X


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