Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! :D

I know, i know, I'm a day late! But it's better late than never yeah?

This is a great time to reflect on the past year and be thankful for the many blessings that we enjoyed for the past year! I'm grateful for having:

- A wonderful Family
- A loving Husband who spoils me rotten
- Friends and Family back home that cared for us
- The opportunity to experience living in another country
- MAC over here (despite having to wait FOREVER for each collection to arrive!)!! :D~
- Good health
- A roof over our heads
- Safety (I'm truly saddened by the Mumbai attacks!! My heart goes out to those perished in this horrible ordeal :( I hope this madness ends soon!!)
- the chance to go home for CNY next year... we get to go Bangkok and Langkawi too! :D
- INTERNET CONNECTION!! I'll die without it! lol!!
- and last but not least... the privilege to blog and meet all of you! :D

I hope the year 2008 has been good for you too!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :D


  1. LOL!! You're thankful for MAC! I'm thankful for makeup in general :p

  2. MAC is the keeper of my sanity here man... and i kid you not!! lol!!

    Yeah i'm grateful for makeup in general too! Hope i can go makeup shopping soon!! I haven't bought anything for over a month already!! >.<

  3. Happy thanksgiving!
    I can see your saliva for MAC already. LOL.

  4. *wipes mouth* ahahaha... *blushes*

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too Sue!! :D

  5. I'm so glad that you're safe. The moment my friend told me about the news in India, I was shocked. First thing that crossed mine was.... WHY INDIA. Hahah Okay. Then second thing was you. :)

    Happy belated Thanksgiving to you too! Keep blogging and keep up with the good job with the reviews! :)

  6. Yeah Zoe!! Actually the bombings have been going on for quite sometime already, albeit on a smaller scale. I can't wait to leave India!! Feels abit scary to be here now!

    Awww... thanks!! Very very belated Thanksgiving to you too!! :D


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