Thursday, November 20, 2008

Elf in India!

I spotted an E.L.F counter at one of the Guardian outlets here in India! A check with the SA revealed that each item is going for slightly more than RM10! (which i think is rather expensive, considering that they're sold for US$1 each only! :S). Hmmmm... wonder if the Malaysian Guardian or Sasa will bring this line in or not! I know it's available at Sasa in SG lah!

Anyhow, since it's available here, i might as well take the chance to try out a few items ya? Anybody have anything to recommend? :D

And oh... just a silly game, can anybody guess what is Guardian called here in India? :D

It's called:

HEALTH and GLOW! lol! :D


  1. you are in India? For work or hols? :D So nice.

  2. hm, buy the lipglosses, i think they are pretty nice :)

    if we spree for it in msia, it's also around rm10+~

    the blusher is also nice lor~ Connie always rave on it... Luminance i think :D

  3. Hi Sue! Yeah i'm in india now... accompanying my husband here! hehe :D

  4. Plue: icic... wah, like quite expensive huh!! Wonder if its because of the shipping!!

    i'll definitely check the blusher out! Thanks for the recommendation! :D

  5. dat is in FORUM mall,bangalore,rite? if not garuda mall (cnfused..i used 2 study ther 2 years back..memories~)

    btw,i liked elf's liquid eyeliner in plum...n d hypershine gloss/plumping lip glaze got quite some good yet 2 try..n connie/smellyocheese sed dat d curler was quite ok..a lil below shu eumura (some others sed)

    tell me more abt ur india trip!! i miss dat place..ahh~

  6. Smart girl! Yep, that guardian outlet was taken at Forum mall :)

    Ohhh... okie!! I'll try the eyeliner, since i'm looking for one also!! i want the curler too (it's pink! haha!!) but its currently out of stock... hopefully it gets replenished soon lah! :D

    I'm still in India! Everything's still the same i guess? The weather's getting cooler though!! Gosh i think i'm really gonna miss the cool weather when i go home! :D

  7. bangalore is always cool..i love walking around ther cz its not a small bit msia,if u walk outdoors for a while only..u feel like dying..haha...hav fun ther,ok!huhu

  8. Lol i will!!! Have to enjoy the nice weather all i can before i go back to hot and humid malaysia! :D

  9. Lol! I didn't know they had Guardian in India! cilakak betul... India also got elf we don't have. chaik! Anyway, here are my e.l.f. recommendations:

    - Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder (Luminance is my daily staple holy grail for a natural glow. I have the bronze one but that's kinda dark. there's a rose-colored one tht would make a nice blush
    - Tone Correcting Concealer: It's fluid, not cakey and evens out discolorations well but natural
    - Eyeshadow brush: Soft, well-shaped and packs on color well. Blends well too
    - Empty Quad: If you have MAC shadows to depot, you can stick it in here. Or if you buy pro pans. It'll fit and the magnet will stick to the metal base of the compact

    Other good recs but I haven't try and want to try: Shielding hydro tint, natural radiance blusher

  10. Yeah i didn't know too!! So glad that they have it here! LOL My sentiments exactly!! We have other brands like Bourjois and Max Factor here too! Hello Malaysia, time to catch up!! -___-

    Thanks for the recommendation!! I'll definitely try these out!! :D

  11. Hang on, you're in India? Great time to stock up on those lovely Indian jewelry and cloth :p

  12. Yep me in InDiYah now! :D

    Yeah... their Saris and Jewelery are reallly lovely here... but super expensive!! :S

    Stocking up on books... soooo cheap here! :D

  13. ahaha..good one,J..i bought like rm 800 worth of books (chick flicks,novels n other *coughs*kamasutra*coughs* reads) b4 i got back home too!! huhu~

    sari is a lot cheaper in places OTHER THAN delhi,bangalore,mumbai n,i dun blame u for not getting cheap saris ther..

  14. lol... i gotta check out the kamasutra for myself!! hope i don't attract too many stares though!! lol!!

    True... everything is inflated here in Bangalore!! Le Sighhhh...

  15. it does?? why? :D

    i'm really curious to see why is it so famous though! :P


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