Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Body Shop Winter Collection now online! :)

I always love the year end collections that the TBS line offers (especially their Cranberry range!!)!

I would love to get my hands on the cranberry set!! :D

I gotta say that i definitely prefer the new sleek and long bottles of the shower gels and lotion over the old ones! These are going on sale on the US webbie, so girls in the US of A, it's time to STOCK UP! They make perfect Christmas gifts too! :D

The winter makeup collection is out too!

Somehow this year's winter makeup collection didn't thrill me as much as last year's! I missed out on last year's sparkle pot and am sooo disappointed that they're not bringing that back this year :( I'll be checking the eye palette 01 out, but i have a strange feeling that i won't be bringing it back home with me! :P

Are you planning on buying anything from the winter collection stuff? :D

Psssst: Girls from Malaysia, you may wanna check out the Nov or Dec edition of Cleo for coupons on these collections... they usually have some! :D

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  1. All looks very yummy! The cranberry collection has always appealed to me. I always buy more of the cranberry shower gel during the Christmas season so that it'll last me months after Christmas :P

  2. Yep, i totally adore the Cranberry collection!! I just wish their shower gels weren't so expensive!!

  3. oooh... Cranberry and Vanilla sounds so yummy! I'm always so intrigued by the scents of body products but I never use em! Maybe I'll pick up the Cranberry lip balm although I would have minus out the "maybe" if they had a Vanilla lip balm instead!

  4. Great choice!! The Cranberry lip balm is soooo yummy!! too bad it's a little too drying for me though!!

    Hmmm.. now that you've mentioned it, yes, there's a Vanilla Spice lip balm!! But i wonder why it's not showing under the Vanilla category!! Hmm...

    Hope your eye is better now girl!! :)

  5. There is? i wonder if Malaysia would have it :D :D Let me know if they would k? I very seldom pop my head in TBS outlets unless I need to buy something.

    thanks for your concern. I'm still looking kinda monstrous but it's less sore now.

  6. Yeah, i'm pretty sure that they'll have the Vanilla lipbalm in Msia!! :D

    awww... if you look monster be assured that you're the most gorgeous one! hahaha! Get well soon ya!! :D

  7. Hi :)

    I tried to look for the Vanilla Spice lip balm - but there's none in MAlaysiaaa :(


  8. Hi Maxine, i just called my local TBS... yes, it's not available here in India as well!! The SA said that this is a worldwide thing - no vanilla spice lipbalm this year! :( :(

    Maybe you can spree for it from the TBS US website itself? :D


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