Wednesday, November 26, 2008

All I want for Christmas... a truckload of stuff!! =X

The good news is, i've gotten so tired of waiting that i'm going to pass on the Little Darlings and Adoring Carmine Lip Bags. I'm just not interested anymore somehow!

The bad news is, i've added more stuff in place of those... YIKES!

Here's my neverending list of wants:


La Mer:

Brushes & Stuff:


Sheer Minerals:

Red She Said:

Dame Edna:


Not forgetting the Brunette Blonde Redhead and Hello Kitty Collections... But i'll need to see actual product pics of those before deciding what to buy! :)


Super Orgasm!

Shu Uemura:

Damn... i didn't know that my list was so long! And these are just my lemmings, i did not include the essential stuff like moisturizers, masks and stuff! *faints* So many wants, so little money!! :(

Now's your turn to list down what you want! :D

Credits: Benefit stuff from, La Mer pic from, MAC Stuff from, Fluidlines and Red She Said pictures from, Sheer Minerals picture from, Dame Edna & Chill pictures from, NARS pic from, Shu Uemura pic from


  1. i can't make wishlist. it never become smaller. always bigger. :(

  2. lol same here!!

    i wish i could just stick to my current list!!

  3. Sigh, my list is also ever-growing. Before I was never interested in MAC. Now, I find myself wanting the Dame Edna collection.

    Apa ni?!

  4. Ahahaha... come to the "dark" side!! And once you're there, you'll never turn back! lol!!

  5. your wishlist, makes me want to REVAMP my wishlist. *sigh*

  6. i'm not sure if that's a good thing or not Tia! hahaha! :D

    it's still not too late to change what to get yourself for Christmas! ;)

  7. MAC 187 is definitely a must! LOL

    Are you getting all of those from Benefit's picture? Wow. LOL.

    And yeah, MAC collection in Penang is superly slow. -_-

  8. Yeah... i wanna get the 187 to replace my disgusting SE one!! Hopefully the full sized one doesn't bleed!!

    Yah i plan to get the stuff in the pic :P Hopefully i can get it when i go back in Jan... otherwise i'll have to wait until i go back to Malaysia for good :)

    Oh yeah... MAC in penang is quite slow lor... and sometimes they don't get the full range! I miss my MA there though... she's a gem, always call me and reserve stuff for me when they come... unlike the ones here... so kayu and irresponsible (they lost my phone number 3 times already!-____-)!!

  9. don't worry la J, 187 dun really bleed :D

  10. J,dats a ridiculously long list!

    i do wish i hav endless supply of cash tho..then i can buy anything i wan!! huhu~ (so in nid of a walk-in clost)

  11. Ahaha.. that's great to know Plue!! If it bleeds or sheds i'll cry man!!

  12. KayKamaL, and that's just my wants!! I'm sooo dead!! >.<

    I want a walk in closet too! :D :D

  13. Hi!
    I discovered your blog recently and I really like your detailed posts about cosmetics a lot, since I'm always so keen on any exciting (or not so exciting) products either, hehe...


  14. Hi Jess, thanks for dropping by! Glad you like my posts! ;)

  15. My wishlist ah... aih.. I don't dare add to it... it's getting too long. I want everything. Hmm.. I always got those "Uncle" come buaya me. Maybe I should snag a rich one as my sugar daddy! :p Fine, I'm not that cheap.

  16. Hahahahaha... you're too funny girl!! XD

    A pretty girl like you shouldn't settle for an Uncle... get a sugar boy!! hahahaha!!

    Coming back to the wishlist, mine just got longer... i'm sooo dead!! T_T


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