Friday, October 24, 2008

Tutorial: Contouring

Ps: Image heavy! Please be patient!

Especially for Alyssa who asked about contouring! :D

This step is crucial for me who's born with a pancake face and a button nose to boot! But no worries, it's nothing makeup can't fix! lol!

Ok, we shall start with a bare faced me:

Today's actually not the best day to show you guys the magic of contouring because i wake up without water retention on my face (which rarely is the case!!)!

Here's the stuff you'll need to contour your face:

1. A buffer brush / Kabuki (i use the MAC 182)
2. A skunk stippling brush or any fluffy brush that allows light application for powder (i used my MAC 187SE, which is quite gross... ewww)
3. A frosty beige es / powder (i use the MAC Solar White es)
4. A dark brown powder, best if it's matte (I use the MAC Eversun Beauty Powder Blush)
5. A highlighter (i use the MAC Pearl Sunshine Beauty Powder)
6. A contouring brush (i use the MAC 138 brush, which is the ULTIMATE contouring brush!! I cannot recommend it enough!!)

Ok, let's start! I usually do the contouring after applying blush, so here's a pic of myself with only blush on:

I'm wearing the NARS Orgasm blush, btw.

Step 1: Pick some highlighter powder up with your skunk brush:

Step 2: Lightly tap any excess powder off at the back of your hand, smile, then apply the highlighter on the apples of your cheeks:

Here's a pic to show you:

Step 3: Pick up the contouring powder with your contouring brush. No need to tap off the excess this time.

Step 4: Suck in your cheeks like a fish then apply the contouring powder in the hollow of your cheeks:

I look really ugly here but you get the idea! :D

Step 5: Apply the contouring powder down the sides of your face...

Step 6: ... and under your chin!

Here's my "progress" up till now:

A diagram to better show you the "zones":

Step 7: Buff your face gently (i repeat, GENTLY!) with a buffer brush. Do not overbuff if not everything you applied earlier will be mixed together and the effect won't be as obvious as it should've been!

You're almost done now!!

This step is extra, but i find that it helps "lift" a button nose like mine! :D

Step 8: Remember the light beige es mentioned earlier? Pick some up with your middle finger:

Step 9: Draw a straight line down the centre of your nose with the shadow, then blend it in a little. Do not apply too much else you'll risk looking like you have a shiny nose! haha!

Ps: i know some girls would apply some contouring powder down the sides of their noses to make it look slimmer! I for the life of me cannot master that, so i never do that!! :P

And You're Done! The end result:

A before / after comparison:

The difference is subtle, but definitely made a difference ya? Like i've mentioned, today is not the best day for me to show you the magic of contouring cuz for some (gooood) reasons unknown i woke up today without my usual water retention on my face! (Click here for a better example!). The key to a successful contouring is being very subtle. Remember, you can always add on but it's really a pain to remove and redo your makeup again!! You know you don't want to end up like this:

The infamous Ruhua... Check out her NOSE SHADING!!! XD XD XD

Hope this mini tutorial is helpful ya! :D


  1. Aww girl...u did it for me AGAIN.. I'm really touched! Thank you so much. I'm gonna practise contouring from now on hehe. Anyway, i just bought myself a set of bobbi brown brush from the holiday collection. The damage : RM300 for 6 little tiny brushes, but i'm loving it. All the brushes are super soft! However there's no contouring brush =( So u getting the face brush set from the Adoring Carmine collection?

  2. Don't mention it! Glad to be able to help! :D

    Congrats on your new brushes! I heard BB's brushes are quite good!! :D Nope, i won't be getting anymore brush sets from MAC. No more SE brushes lest i have to ensude more dye leaks!! Yikes!! I'm probably gonna buy a full sized MAC 187 and probably a MAC 266 when i go back! wanna start to learn how to apply eyeliner with the a brush!! hehe!

  3. U saying that those SE brushes happens to leak dye?? That's horrible! Will it happen to those of full sized? Yeah i wanna get a MAC 187 as well. Is MAC 187 best use for blusher or LP or LF? and do you know how much they're retailing in M'sia?
    I would also like to know what do you use your kabuki brush for?

  4. Not all SE brushes leak dye but the 187SE is really infamous for this! the SE brushes are machine assembled, as opposed to the full sized brushes which are hand made. Also, their materials differ, so the full sized ones are definitely better in quality! So far i haven't read about any full sized 187 bleeding dye, so i guess it should be safe? the 187 can be used for all 3 (blush, LP and LF), so it's really versatile!! it's RM180 btw :D

    i use my kabuki brush to apply LP and to bluff my blush in :)

  5. hey thanks got dropping by my blog. And yes u can definitely link me on your page. Great blog you going here too! Keep up the good work.

  6. Awww... thanks!! :D Glad to link you!! :D

  7. wow -- i really enjoyed your entry and such great photos to accompany it too!

  8. thanks for the kind words girl! Glad you enjoyed it!! :D


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