Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My MAC Collection, as of 15/10/2008

I finally gotten around to take pictures of my MAC stash! It has definitely grown since i dipped my toes into the MAC pool that fateful day in Jan a year ago! hehe... BUT, i think it's STILL "under control" and not that impressive compared to many of you hardcore MAC collectors out there! haha! :D


From left:
Baby Sparks Dazzleglass (LE - Dazzleglass)
Fashion Lipglass (LE - Dresscamp)
She-Gold Lipglass (LE - Dresscamp)
Sugar Trance Lipglass (LE - Fafi)
Cult Fave lipglass (LE - Fafi)
Totally It Lipglass (LE - Fafi)
Bonus Beat Lipglass (LE - Heatherette)
Starlet Kiss Lipglass (LE - Heatherette)
Sock Hop Lipglass (LE - Heatherette)
Cherry Blossom Lipglass (LE - Cult of Cherry)
2N Lipglass (LE - N-Collection)
Ensign Lustreglass (LE - Naughty Nauticals)


From Left:
1N Lipstick (LE - N-Collection)
Too Fab Lipstick (LE - Dresscamp)
Utterly Frivolous (LE - Fafi)
Fleshpot Lipstick (LE - Heatherette, also available permenantly at MAC PRO)
Melrose Mood Lipstick (LE - Heatherette)
Lollipop Loving Lipstick (LE - Heatherette)


From left, Row 1:
Sweetness Beauty Powder Blush (LE - Beauty Powder Blush)
Eversun Beauty Powder Blush (LE - Beauty Powder Blush)
Secret Beauty Powder Blush (LE - Beauty Powder Blush)
Pearl Sunshine Beauty Powder (LE - Barbie)

Row 2:
True Romantic Beauty Powder Blush (LE - Beauty Powder Blush)
Joyous Beauty Powder Blush (LE - Beauty Powder Blush)
Blooming Blush (LE - Cult of Cherry)
Verve-acious Iridescent Pressed Powder (LE - Fafi)

Row 3:
Hipness Blush (LE - Fafi)
Dainty Mineralize Blush (LE - Sonic Chic)


From left, Row 1:
Claire de Lune - Satin (LE - Moonbathe)
Cosmic - Veluxe Pearl (LE - Moonbathe)
Firespot - Veluxe Pearl (LE - Moonbathe)
Cranberry - Frost (LE - Moonbathe, also available permenantly in the usual black casing)
Saturnal - Frost (LE - Moonbathe)
Fresh Green Mix Mineralize Eyeshadow (LE - Electroflash)

Row 2:
Magic Dust - Frost (LE - Barbie)
Whistle - Satin (LE - Barbie)
Springtime Skipper - Veluxe Pearl (LE - Barbie)
Moth Brown - Frost(LE - Barbie)
Satin Taupe - Frost

Row 3:
Dreammaker - Starflash (LE - Starflash)
Grand Entrance - Starflash (LE - Starflash)
Talent Pool - Starflash (LE - Starflash)
Smoke & Diamonds - Starflash (LE - Starflash)
Go - Starflash (LE - Starflash)
Sea & Sky Mineralize Eyeshadow (LE - Electroflash)

Row 4:
Solar White - Frost (LE - Cool Heat)
Warm Chill - Frost (LE - Cool Heat)
Gulf Stream - Frost (LE - Cool Heat)
Cool Heat - Frost (LE - Cool Heat)
Blue Flame - Veluxe Pearl (LE - Cool Heat)

Row 5:
Shore Leave - Veluxe Pearl (LE - Naughty Nauticals)
Pink Venus - Lustre
Moonflower - Frost (LE - Strange Hybrid)
Parrot - Frost (LE - Originals)
Charred - Frost (LE - Originals)
Ether Mineralize Eyeshadow (LE - Flashtronic)

Other Misc. Stuff:

From left:
182 Brush
138 Brush
187SE Brush (LE - Heirloom, repromoting under the Adoring Carmine collectionsoon)
190SE Brush (LE - Heirloom, repromoting under the Adoring Carmine collectionsoon)
168SE Brush (LE - Heirloom, repromoting under the Adoring Carmine collectionsoon)
194SE Brush (LE - Heirloom, repromoting under the Adoring Carmine collectionsoon)
Photogravure Technakohl
Earthline Technakohl
Beige-ing Shadestick
Beguille Brow Set
Astral Rays Glimmershimmer (LE - Moonbathe)
Royal Assets: 6 Metallic Eyes palette (LE - Royal Assets)
MAC Brush Cleanser

Feel free to shoot me any questions you have on anything I have! lol! I'll definitely try my best to help! :D


  1. wow.. girl, this is quite an impressive collection of yours from MAC! @_@

    I'm actually intending to get some brushes..preferably those of mini/travel size type..kinda deciding between MAC or BB. Have u tried anything from BB? perhaps you could advice me on that.
    Btw i know mac 187 is highly raved in many forum and blogs.. is it really that good and versatile? Do u use it to apply LF or blushes or loose powder?

  2. Hi alyssa!! If you're thinking of getting the travel sets, now is a good time! With Christmas around the corner, i think both MAC and BB will be releasing their brush sets soon! :D Unfortunately i have never tried BB before though, so i'm not able to advice you on that!

    As for the MAC 187, it is worth every penny you paid for it!! it gives me wonderfully airbrushed cheeks everytime. I use it to apply blush! This brush will be available once again in a set of 4 together with the Adoring Carmine collection! (if the price didn't change it should be RM220!).

    One word of caution though, the dye of my 187SE (the one from the set) bleeds, so everytime i wash my brush, the black stuff comes out and stains the white fibers... which is really irritating and disgusting! >.< i plan to buy a full sized 187 and ditch this one for good!!

  3. hey girl it's me again ^_^
    I've seen the Adoring Carmine collection and i must admit that it's pretty hot and sexy. But i do think that the red is a lil too fierce for me tho haha. However BB's one are not that captivating's actually quite dull and boring.. Still hunting for my HG brushes..

  4. icic... how about shu uemura? their brushes are really good, the only thing holding me back is the high price tag! :D

    All the best in your brush hunt yeah? :D

  5. What a nice collection! I really like the Fafi collection but by the time I got to the mall, most of the items are already sold out! :(

    But then I don't know why everytime I wanted to get something from MAC ended up not getting any. I only have their bronzer, foundation, & makeup prep. Would really love to have one lipgloss from them!

  6. Ahaha.. don't worry... do you like Hello Kitty? Next year they will be collaborating with HK to form a collection like Fafi! Methinks that this will be hugely popular, esp in Hong Kong and Japan! hehe!!

    Don't worry, MAC will always be there! Hehehe... with Christmas coming up, you'll be spoilt for choice with so many giftsets available! :D

  7. Lol yeah!! :D MAC really needs to slow down though... I'm broke already!! :P

  8. I came here to kaypoh. Hee... Your heirloom brushes are beautiful!!! But I've heard that the quality of SE brushes are not as good as the originals. What do you think?

  9. Lol!! yeah, the SE brushes are machine made, so they're definitely not as good as the full sized ones. The ones i got from the heirloom collection is alright though... with the exception of the 187SE which bleeds dye like crazy everytime i wash it, the rest are pretty decent actually!! :D

    Personally i would still stick to the full sized ones though! Did you get the one from Hello Kitty?? The mug is seriously adorable!! :)

  10. whoa! this is MAC heaven! lol

    check mine. :) i hope you could visit my blog. :)

  11. Ahaha it's really not that big of a deal compared to those hardcore MAC collectors!! :D

    Your collection's impressive too!! :D

  12. I was wondering if u had a mac pro phone number if u do please send it 2 .....xxxxxxxx


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