Saturday, October 18, 2008

MAC Manish Aurora Review / Haul

I'm back with lots of pictures!! I'm quite surprised actually that this collection didn't fly off the shelves over here like how it did elsewhere in the world, despite being an Indian designer inspired collection (not that i'm complaining, lol!)! Ok, shall not keep you guys waiting any longer... here're some swatches for everybody! :D

Overall, i felt that this collection is definitely a great addition to any hardcore MAC collector's stash! I'm so glad that the packaging for these items are quite solid, unlike some previous collections *koff koff Fafi koff*. Some of the items, however, were too harsh on my NC20 skin, so i gave them a miss (ok, you may scream at me at this point. I don't know what got over me as well!!! XD)! Here's what I bought:

The 6x Palette! I'm soo glad that they launched one such palette! I've been wanting to buy all the colors featured in there (with the exception of Playful)! :D

I love the little crystal hearts stuck on the surface!

Open sesame:

The other item i got, the Pink Swoon blush! :D

I love the colorful swirls inside the box! This has got to be one of the most elaborately designed collection ever in the span of my two year MAC addiction! :)

The blush itself:

A last look at the latest additions to my collection:

Everything is shoooooo pretty right?? Did you girls get anything from this collection? :D

On another but not-any-less-exciting note, i FINALLY got my paws on...

...the Chrome Yellow eyeshadow!!! I finally found you! You guys have NO IDEA of stupidly difficult this is to find back home! I'm too happy for words! :D :D :D

Alright, thats all for now. No more hauls for me... until Red She Said, that is! :D


  1. Wow congrats! This is another beautiful collection from mac. I'm not eyeing on anything from Manish Aurora tho except for it's pretty packaging ^^. I'm saving some pennies for other stuffs =)

  2. Yep, actually most of the eyeshadows are permenant, so no point getting it if you're not keen! Hehe!! :)

    What are you saving up for? I forsee that i'll spend alot for the next few months!! :)

  3. Yea i know! It's crazy especially towards the end of the year when all the holidays collection just seemed to be so attractive.

    I'm gonna get myself a set of brushes, most probably from BB since i can't get my hands on smashbox's brushes which is pink handled! =(
    I'm also gonna get make up base and LF from RMK.
    Also, there is a list of stuffs (mostly jap cosmestics) that i wanna get from taiwan considering that i will be heading there end of this year, such as those from jill stuart, gransenbon, lavshuca etc..

    I'm gonna be sooooo broke. Just by thinking of it ny ady scares me. Can u imagine that?? *swt*

  4. Yesssss!! YES just spells trouble for my bank account! Somemore all the cosmetic brands are churning out such attractive sets! gosh!!

    Hmmm... for your smashbox brushes, maybe you can join some sprees? There are some sellers who would buy stuff from any US website for you at a fee!

    I've heard that RMK is a good brand, so you definitely made a good choice! hehe!

    Ahhhh... Jill Stuart! Their loose cheek powder has been on my lemming list for AGES!!! haha!

    It scares me too how much i'll spend when i go home next year!! I'll be heading over to BKK and i'll definitely grab some NARS stuff... and am still thinking of getting the La Mer loose powder (GASP!!!) hahaha!! so you're definitely not alone... aiya, happy first, eat maggi mee later! hahahaha!! :D

  5. Call me noob or what but i haven't tried to purchase anything online or join sprees..more still i don't really know how it actually works or how secured it is =P

    Yea..been longing to get RMK stuffs since dunno when.. Btw do u do foundation? Recently mineralize foundation is kinda in trend.. How would you compared them with those unmineralize one, be it powder or liquid?

    Jill stuart loose powder is definitely my top priority during my visit to taiwan! Hehe

    Good to hear that u'll be heading over to bkk. Don't shop till u drop k lol. What would you like to get from NARS? My only product that i owned from Nars is Orgasm. I think there's an improved version known as super orgasm.

    La Mer loose powder is one of the most expensive ones. Is it really that good?

  6. Haha... don't worry, i never joined any sprees before also! :) it's always a risk buying online, so it's important to look for a reputable and reliable seller! :)

    I seldom wear foundation because i dislike how fake it looks on my skin... have been a loose powder girl all these while! hehe! :D Yep, mineral foundations are big now! They're reputed to be more skin-friendly cuz they do not contain any artificial fillers and stuff! I never really tried any, so i can't comment!! hehe! sorry, not much of a help here! :P

    Yep, the Jill Stuart loose cheek powder is sooo princessy! Do remember to share pics yeah when you're back! hehe! :)

    lol, it's a good thing actually that i'm heading back to India after that, so i guess i won't be combing the markets like usual. Still, i foresee that i'll spend quite abit at the makeup counters!! hehehe!! yeah Super Orgasm!! I'm soo curious to check this out... but it does look quite glittery though!

    Yep, La Mer is really expensive (about RM250 a tub in BKK)! i tested it before, it's really very finely milled!! There're a lot of raves about the skincare properties of this one as well. I'm stilllll thinking about getting it la. Have to compare between this one and the NARs one! hehe!! i think my husband will faint man when he finds out that i'll be buying La Mer!! hahaha!! :D

  7. Lol my bf is clueless on y i'm always buying cosmetics nowadays when there is still so many unopened boxes at home! Everytime i go like "isn't that cute?" or "aww it's so pretty" and he would say "yes it's pretty and cute but do u need that?" Hahaha =P

    btw just curious, u said u only applied loose powder.. no make up base/primer as well? I thought normally loose powder are applied towards the end to set your foundation and all? So do u apply LP before your blusher and eye shadow or after that?

  8. Lol!! same for my husband!! He's always like, "i thought you have something like that already?" or "do you really NEED so many lipglosses???" I think we can start a Clueless Males with Makeup Obsessed Girlfriends / Wives club for them already!! haha!

    Nope, i don't do base / primer as well. Don't like how those feel on my face!! hahaha... you must really think that i'm such a lazy person now! lol!! :) Yep, loose powder is applied after foundation, so i skip straight to that part lor! hehe! i apply it before eyeshadow and blush! :)


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