Monday, October 13, 2008

MAC Lollipop Loving Lippie + MAC Sock Hop Lipglass

Especially for reader Alyssa again! Haha! :D She asked if the MAC Lollipop Loving lipstick goes on well with the MAC Sock Hop Lipglass.

My answer is... they were made for each other (literally)! haha! The 4 glosses from the Heatherette collection were made to match their corresponding lipsticks, so yeah, the matching lipgloss for Lollipop Loving is the Sock Hop lipglass! :D

Oklah, enough said! Pictures for you! :D

Haha! Decided to get it already? :D


  1. OMG Jenn!! U did it for me again!! Love u to bits..muax! and yes i'm gonna get my sock hop XD Your lips looks superb and it doesn't look overly orangey at all on the lips compared to the swatches on hand.
    But anyway once again, thx girl for the trouble *wink*

  2. hahaha.. you're most welcome, girl! :D yep... it looks very orangey when swatched, but it's actually quite pretty when paired with the correct lipstick!

    No touble at all... i'm glad i was able to help! :D


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