Monday, October 13, 2008

MAC Lollipop Loving Lippie + MAC Cherry Blossom Lipglass

Especially for reader Alyssa who asked whether the MAC Lollipop Loving Lippie from the Heatherette collection goes well with the MAC Cherry Blossom from the Cult of Cherry collection or not!

IMHO this is a rather fool-proof combi as both are rather nudish colors! Lollipop Loving is like my HG MLBB Nude Shade! :D

Go get Cherry Blossom now! Hehe! :D


  1. LOL Thx girl! Can't believe u actually did it for me.. LL is one of my HG as well.. Your lips looks superb! Anyway, i went to MAC just now with the intention to get cherry blossom but ended up getting the newest gloss Pastel Emotion from the Emanuel Ungaro collection. The SA did swatches and he suggested me to take PE instead cos CB is much sheerer. And so i did and i'm loving it! XD

  2. ahhhh, you're so lucky!! hehe!! the EU collection is not launching where i live now, so i'm heartbroken!! :(

    anyways do you have a blog or something? do review on the lippie!! haha! i wanna seee!!

  3. Hey there.. sorry to hear that it won't be launching at your place.. Whereabouts are u anyway?Unfortunately i don't have a blog but this is only what i can do. Check out the URL =P

    sorry for the blurry pictures as i took it from my phone

  4. btw the colour turns out to be more pinky than peachy that i originally wanted as i wanted to create a more nudish look..dunno whether it's a good thing or bad thing ?_?

  5. OMG, the Pastel Emotion lipgloss looks GREAT on your lips!! *rips hair out* PE looks quite nude on your lips already! :D However, if you want it to be more peachy, maybe you can layer it over a darker peachy lipstick, or mix it with a peachy lipgloss? :D

    I'm in India now, btw :) How bout you? :D

  6. Ohh i'm in KL M'sia *wink*

    I kinda regret that i didn't purchase Sock Hop when i purchase my LL last time cos when i did swatches it turns out to be very orangy instead of peachy. But i guess i was wrong because it looks so good on u with both of them!
    But anyway have no regrets on my PE tho cos it's a lovely pink =)Shall get my hands on a peach gloss the next time then XD

  7. You're right! Sock Hop is actually quite orangey! I purchased it to use with Freshpot, which is really pale! hehe! :D

    no worries, you snagged yourself a wonderful new gloss today! hehe! :D

  8. Girl! Guess what? I just called Pavillion MAC and it seemed that they still have sock hop and they're going to return the stock within this week! Should i go get it?? What is your review on sock hop? Does it goes really well with LL? Or should i just pass this since i ady bought PE?

  9. Wow!! That's good news! I answered your question in a new post already! hehehe!! :D but yeah, lollipop loving definitely goes with sockhop! :D


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