Monday, October 27, 2008

Jenn Asks: What breaks your skin out?

Ps: this is the first It's Ya Cue post, where it's all about you! Do share your thoughts on the topic asked! :)

What makes your skin sprout those nasty zits? Food, environmental factors, or stress? Do share! :)

My biggest zit trigger is alcohol (especially the hard ones), which is alright because i seldom drink! But look what happens when i do:

Yeouch!!! T_T


  1. Experimenting with a new skincare product. It's always touch and go with this one. Either nothing happens, or I break out. Gah.

    Looking forward to my next "cue" :p

  2. Icic!! so it's like a hit or miss everytime you try a new product! :D

    ahahaha... sure, do look forward to more cues for ya! ;)

  3. I am allergic to alcohol, so nothing more than 1 glass of wine. It doesn't break me out, but I get temporary red patches.

    Cheese breaks me out! But I suspect only some...well, stress is the top acne producer for my skin. =)

  4. Ohhh nooooooo, not cheese!! i can't live without cheese! haha! hope you're not a big fan of it! :D

    yeah, stress gives me pimples sometimes also... but the worse one is still alcohol... still nursing a huge one on my forehead, yeouch!! T_T


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