Friday, September 5, 2008

Product Review: Max Factor Last Lift Mascara

At a Glance:
Price: 380Rs (approx RM31 / US$9.30)
Weight: 9ml
Ingredients: N/A

Product Description

Weightless mascara formula helps prevent lashes from being weighted down.
The lifting brush lifts lashes and delivers the optimal amount of mascara
Easy, controlled application with a smooth, even coat of mascara flowing down each lash from root to tip
Smudge-proof and touch-proof for a radiant look that lasts

Actual Product Pic:

The Applicator:

My $0.02:

This mascara really does lift my lashes and makes it longer! The fat brush is rather effective at depositing just the right amount of mascara without making your lashes look clumpy. I personally prefer just one coat of this mascara for a really natural look :) This mascara does not smudge at all despite not being waterproof, which is another plus!

I'll let the pictures do the talking:

This is my bare eye:

As you can see, my lashes are long but sparse and poker straight.

This is how they look like after a little help for my Sana Lash curler:

One Coat of Lash Lift:

My lashes now look beautifully natural! :D

Two Coats of Lash Lift:

Three Coats of Lash Lift:

Which i don't really recommend... as you can see my lashes are starting to look quite spidery now...

In a Nutshell:

A basic mascara that lifts and lengthens the lashes naturally without weighing them down or clumping them up.

Likes: It does lengthens my lashes by quite abit, not clumpy, smudgeproof
Gripes: It does smell rather funky...
Repurchase: Most likely no, as i would prefer one that would lengthen and volumize at the same time.

Rating: ! 3 Stars! It does what it says but that's just it!

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  1. Good review Jenn. I need me some volume action too though :/

  2. haha, don't we all?? :D

    still looking for THE ultimate mascara though! have you found yours? lol!

  3. Gushes! Same here gal. Same predicament. Long but sparse lashes.
    I have tried but failed to get voluminous lashes from mascara. Our best bet is falsies. But that's not something I will do often. In fact, I only don them once in my life. o_0

  4. the best volumizing mascara i've tried is the Loreal Double Extension one... but not sure if it works for you too (cuz i remember you said something like Loreal mascaras don't work for you??)! ZA Cutie Curl Volume works nicely too!! Hey, have you gotten around to use the Kate Mascara Base i got you? hehe.. it works great too!!

    ahhh falsies... i only had them on twice (my previous FOTD not counted la, cuz i didn't wear them out... just experimenting!), once for a studio photoshoot and another time for my wedding day! i always have this bad feeling that one side will fall off into my cup -____- hahaha...


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