Monday, January 14, 2008

Product Review: Kate Mascara Base

Product Name: Kate Mascara Base
Price: ¥900 / RM29.90
Weight: 5g
Product Description:

Any Japanese Whiz care to translate the above statement? :D

Actual Product Pic:

The Packaging it came in

The actual tube :) hmmm... it does look a little different from the one on the website.


Anybody care to translate this? :D

The Applicator:


See how long it makes my eyelashes? :D

My Review:

This highly raved mascara base does deliver!! It made my lashes both fuller and longer. This stuff is fragrance free - which is great for me. i don't know why most mascaras smell so funky! It goes on smoothly so you can decide how many layers you wanna pile on to achieve the desired effect. You can't beat the price either!! :) The downside is, it does clump a little if you use it with a volumizing mascara. Yuck!

Pictures to proof:

Bare Eye:

Without Kate Mascara Base (Used ZA Cutie Curl Volume):

With Kate Mascara Base + ZA Cutie Curl Volume:

A whole world of difference right? i don't like how clumpy it is though... will try it with a lenghtening mascara instead of a volumizing one and see if this improves.

In a Nutshell:
A drugstore product that delivers!! :)

Likes: Lengthens and Volumizes very well, fragrance free, ease of application, Price!!
Gripes: Clumps when used with a volumizing mascara :P

Rating: 4 Stars ! Near HG Stuff!! :)


  1. darling, i used 2 tubes of this, though the effect is really good, but i hate it at times.

    it makes my mascaras go clumpy, when they never were clumpy in the first place! only MJ were an exception.

    the white fibers are difficult to cover, i only manage to get it nicely cover with MJ and Kiss Me mascara.

    i love this but i hate this too. how la? i am finishing my 3rd tube and i m not going to use it dy~ MJ and Kiss Me is very good on it's own! :P

  2. Hmm... so it's the base itself that clumps huh!! I haven't used this for so long already cuz it really clumps up my mascara!

    Since the MJ and Kiss Me mascara are so good already, guess you can save your money and skip this liao!! *psstt... the money can go to your 2nd 187 fund! ;)*

  3. ahahah~ i have bought my 2nd MAC187 ady! :P

    i am skipping the base, i might try MJ base next! cuz i heard it goes on transparent :P

  4. Wow girl!! Do i hear *ka ching$$$!!!* :D

    i just tried applying foundation for the first time with the 187... it's PERFECT!!! :D

    icic.. do post a review when you're done ya!! :D


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